LSBA was established and formed on February 4, 1988 by four local businessmen
who understood the need for such an organization.  These men, Eugene Ferguson,
William Culpepper, Herschel Butler and Herbert L. Lawrence, Esq, came together to
improve the quality of all business and residential life in the Historic Long Street

Their goal was to promote urban and economic development through education,
training and exposure to positive cultural experiences.  They encouraged congenial
fellowship among business owners and community residents through cultural and
social awareness.  These men improved the advancements of business and civic
interest in the Long Street District and made plans for the future development of
Long Street.

The landscape of the Historic Long Street District had changed dramatically before
the inception of the Association in 1988.  By the early 1920’s, when other areas were
still growing, Long Street had already developed economically.  East Long Street was
one of two streets developed by African-Americans in Columbus.  Along with Mt.
Vernon Avenue, these streets represented the best of the African-American
community in Columbus.  

Historical documentation indicated that there were hotels, restaurants, doctors and
dentists offices, grocers, theaters, printing offices, insurance companies, real estate
agencies and many other businesses on East Long Street as early as 1919.   The
outgrowth of this tremendous history inspired the development of the Association.

Knowing the extraordinary history of the area and the significance it has in the City
of Columbus, LSBA recognized that at one time East Long Street was the center of
African-American commercial, social and entertainment life and also believes the area
can  regain the status it had during  a past era that spanned 30 years, from the 1920’
s through the 1950’s.

LSBA endeavors to bring pride and ownership back to an area where African
Americans have traditionally owned and operated lucrative businesses.  Since it’s
beginning to the present time, the association  has held fast to its commitment to
improve the standards of all business and residential life in the Historic Long Street

Today, with the support of the LSBA, businesses and community residents, East Long
Street can once again evolving into an African – American Cultural Treasure.
of East Long Street